A Little Bit About Us

EKEA Sales and Marketing was established to help support our local industries find solutions to their various needs.

Our Team

Our team of five brings together decades of experience from across many different industries. We have decades of experience in working with all of the largest hospitals across the State of Hawaii. Over 20 years in the automotive industry. Over 60 years of experience with food ware, food packaging, janitorial and sanitation. We love getting out to the local eatery, bar or shop, being able to indulge in all that they offer and see how we can help them excel or bring an elevated customer experience to their business. Our relationships with a variety of distributors, help create a network to provide everyone with excellent service.

Our History

Everyone asks… “What does EKEA mean?”

In the Hawaiian language Ekea is the hull of a canoe. In Hawaiian history and culture, the canoe was an integral part of everyday life. Canoes were used to deliver essentials, spread life on new territories, bring plants, food, water, family and friends to other areas and islands. Canoes were also used as fishing vessels to hunt and gather food.

The history of the canoe in Hawaiian culture resembles our goal of bridging the islands together, spreading products that are essential to our schools, hospitals, restaurants, hotels and more.

and as an added bonus, EKEA is the first initials of our founder’s grandkids and kids. Which always serves as a reminder Ohana (family) first!